Fulcrum agent posing as a World Send courier retrieves the The Cipher.

World Send is a fictitious courier organization, similar to the real-life FedEx. It features in "Chuck Versus the First Date", when it is commissioned to transport The Cipher.

Relevance to PlotEdit

When Chuck retrieves the Cipher from Fulcrum, General Beckman informs the team that the NSA are sending a courier to collect it. The next night, the courier comes to Casey's apartment, and, posing as a World Send courier, passes all of Casey's security checks, even giving the correct verification code.

However, when Casey hands over the Cipher and inquires where the courier's backup is, the courier puts on a mask and sprays Casey with a white powdered toxin which causes him to bleed from his mouth and collapse to the ground, whilst the courier escapes with the Cipher.


  • Casey's security scan of the courier revealed no weapons, but surprisingly he was unable to identify the canister of powdered toxin concealed in the courier's sleeve.
  • The verification code used for the pickup was "Morning Glory".

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