The entrance of the Wiltshire Strand, as featured in "Chuck Versus the Tango"

The Wiltshire Strand hotel is the location of the art auction featured in the episode "Chuck Versus the Tango".

Relevance to PlotEdit

The auction is used by the world renowed arms dealer La Ciudad in an attempt to purchase a piece of artwork containing weapons grade plutonium in its frame.

The mission begins as Team Bartowski are tasked with discovering La Ciudad (as there is no known picture) and stopping any attempted trade of arms. Chuck first mistakes an group of undercover MI6 Agents for the arms dealers, having flashed on one of them and then reports back to Sarah. Sarah then tells Chuck to wait at the bar, but he soon flashes on a painting as Sarah and Casey are off dealing with the MI6 agents.

Chuck is soon met by the real La Ciudad, who discovers he has lied to her about his interest in the frame (which is supposed to contain weapons grade plutonium; as Chuck discovers in his flash, although this has been removed by MI6 in a trap set for La Ciudad). Chuck and La Ciudad soon begin to tango, with Chuck eventually being kidnapped by the arms dealer, and then rescued by Sarah and Casey.

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