Twin Pines Cabin

Twin Pines Cabin refers to the cabin that Stephen Bartowski is living in, whilst hiding from Fulcrum, The Ring and the CIA /NSA.

In "Chuck Versus the Living Dead" Ring agents discover the location thanks to a tracking device Ellie was manipulated into putting on Stephen. The ring agents manage to capture Stephen and reveal that they are after The Governor so that the Ring's Intersect won't cause negative effects to its host.

Chuck stumbles across the scene and is captured but uses this is an opportunity to show his dad what he can do with the Intersect/ why he chose to upload the new Intersect.

It is unknown how long he has been living at this cabin but around the time of "Chuck Versus the Dream Job" Stephen was living in a Caravan. He could have been living in here all the while, simply using the caravan as he was unsure of Chuck's handlers.

The name of the cabin is a reference to Back to the Future (1985), where a shopping mall is named Twin Pines Mall.

Notable Residents Edit

Notable Visitors Edit

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