Thermite-TH3 (also called Thermate) is an incendiary explosive device, manufactured by Volkoff Industries. When detonated, the temperature will exceed 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit - metal will boil.

The device was almost used in the Buy More, when Volkoff himself was searching for Frost by threatening the CIA. After having Team Bartowski trapped inside Castle while Volkoff and his operatives were above in the Buy More, Volkoff threatens to lower the Thermate into their elevator entrance to Castle unless Chuck and Sarah safely return his finest agent and his love - Frost.

It appears in: "Chuck Versus the Leftovers".


A thermal detonator, made of thermite, appears in the bounty hunter's (a disguised Princess Leia) negotiations with Jabba the Hutt in 'Return of the Jedi'.

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