Adelbert de Smet is a Belgian gentleman who had his diamond up for bid with a microdot inside. He appears to have known Chuck was the Intersect as revealed inside the microdot, which explained the amount of international criminals who tried to purchase said diamond in the first place. He is portrayed by Richard Chamberlain.

He then kidnapped Chuck after having killed Agent Rye in "Chuck Versus the Fear of Death". The episode ends with the Belgian threatening Chuck's life with a poison needle, before asking him to flash.

He resurfaced in "Chuck Versus Phase Three", where he had his scientist Dr. Mueller attempt to have Chuck use the Intersect, only to have failed countless times. Chuck is put to sleep throughout this, and is constantly having his dreams tempered with by having the people in his life asking him to flash. The Belgian and his scientist grow tired of it, and eventually they resort to Phase Three, where they wipe out everything in Chuck's brain except for the Intersect. After Team Bartowski discovered their whereabouts in Thailand, the Belgian is then knocked unconscious by an enraged Sarah. His plan is foiled by the team and he is taken into custody by the CIA along with his scientist.

First appeared in: "Chuck Versus the Fear of Death"

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