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Roger Bale was a villain who appeared in the fifth season premiere episode "Chuck Versus the Zoom". He is first heard of when Carmichael Industries' new client hires them to steal back money from Roger Bale, a high-level Ponzi schemer who has bilked investors to the tune of half a billion dollars, and promises 20% of the money recovered for the team.

Chuck and Morgan go on a recon mission at Bale's retreat. Morgan flashes (or "zooms", as he likes to call it) on Bale's bag and learns that he goes to the Kensington Athletics club. Morgan takes the place of Bale's opponent for a game of squash and is able to secure invites to Bale's party for both himself and Sarah.

Carmichael Industries' original plan to retrieve the money from Bale's accounts is thwarted by Clyde Decker, who uses Chuck's computer to freeze Bale's accounts and trigger the alarm at his computer vault. Chuck heads over to Bale's computer vault, ostensibly as an IT technician, and threatens to disconnect the cables on Bale's servers (which would disable his firewall and grant the CIA access to his accounts) if his team is not released. After Sarah, Casey and Morgan are released, they disable the lights in Bale's office, allowing Chuck to disconnect the server cables and escape.

It is later revealed that Roger Bale was put under arrest.

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