The Roark Instruments R7 is a gaming laptop developed by Roark Instruments, and forms a minor element of the plot of "Chuck Versus the Predator".

Relevance to PlotEdit

Main article: "Chuck Versus the Predator"

It is revealed at the beginning of "Chuck vs. The Predator " that the Burbank branch of the Buy More was to receive the new R7 before the Beverly Hills branch. Due to this, the Beverly Hills branch employees decided to cover the Burbank branch in toilet paper. When a package containing Orion's Laptop is delivered to the Buy More addressed to Chuck, Lester assumes it is the R7, as it has never officially been seen, and pretends to be Chuck in order to intercept and use the laptop.

Although not actually the Roark 7 computer, the particular computer shown in "Chuck vs. The Predator" is also shown in "Chuck Versus Phase Three", in which, upon seeing Lester says, "You have a Roark 7?" however it was Lester in the first place who believed that the laptop in question was the Roark 7 although never actually seen.

In other episodes however displays are placed in the Buy More of the Roark 7 computer. A picture of the computer is not shown on the displays but the computer thought to be the Roark 7 has a green and black wiry pattern on it, which matches the pattern on the displays at the Buy More, suggesting that the Roark 7 is actually the computer shown anyway.

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