Rafe Gruber

Rafe Gruber in Castle

Rafe Gruber (Johnny Messner) is an elite and highly elusive assassin, considered by many to be the world's most dangerous assassin and being 1 of only 5 people who could make a shot from half a mile away, contracted by The Ring to assassinate CIA agent Daniel Shaw.

Rafe was apprehended by Team Bartowski, who had intelligence that the ring had paid a a large amount of money to kill someone, it was unknown at this time that the target was Shaw, a target. Rafe was tranquillized by Casey, whilst on his way to meet his contacts, Matty and Scotty, who would tell him the name of the target and where to find them. Rafe was then brought to Castle and interrogated to find out where he was going to meet his contacts. Rafe refused to spill and Casey prepared to torture the answers out of him but was saved the trouble when the contacts phoned Rafe's phone with the details. Whilst Chuck assumed Rafe's identity in order to meet the contacts and retrieve the name, Rafe was to be transported to a CIA to be integrated. Rafe escaped his transport team and somehow found out the location of target.

When arriving at the safe house that looked into Shaw's apartment, he encountered Matty and Scotty, killed them. Instead of taking the shot he arrived at Shaw's apartment and managed to fight Chuck, Sarah and Shaw to defeat. Seeing how much Shaw and Chuck cared for Sarah, he prepared to kill, but was assassinated by Casey who'd arrived at the safe house and took the shot.

He appeared in: "Chuck Versus the Fake Name".

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