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Chuck holds the RX 77 planted in the necklace of Ilsa Trinchina

The RX 77 Long Range Audio Transmitter is a Russian made small "bug" or microphone which can be placed anywhere and will then transmit audio across long distances. It is featured in "Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover", having been planted in the necklace of Ilsa Trinchina by Victor Federov.


  • There is no letter X in the Cyrillic alphabet used by Russians - there is another Х, which reads as "Kh". The closest transliteration reads "Икс". Thus, a Russian device can't be named RX-77.
  • The Russians (Soviets) were also known to design a "bug" consisting of a single piece of metal - without power sources or moving parts. All it needs is a large metal object to serve as an antennae. And then they planted 36 of them in the American embassy in Moscow, including one right in the vent grill of the encryption room. And that was just those the American bug sweep did pick up...

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