The Pilot party women refers to four unnamed women who attended and talked to Chuck at his birthday party in "Chuck Versus the Intersect". Little is known about these women except that they female doctors who Ellie invited to the party. We first see theses women, who were apparently picked out by Captain Awesome, when they start talking with Chuck.

They all start off my saying hi to Chuck and woman #1 asks Chuck if he is wearing a costume to the party which Chuck replies that he works for the Nerd Herd which woman #2 thinks is cute. Woman #2 asks Chuck what he really wants to do, which Chuck replies that he's working on his five year plan, just need to choose a font. Woman #3 asks Chuck what happened to his hand, did he hurt his hand? Chuck replies that the tape on his fingers are for Call of Duty as the controllers chafe after a couple of hours.

Woman #4 asks Chuck if it's true that he went to Stanford University, which he did, and revels that she did as well, graduating in 2002. She asks Chuck what his major was, Engineering. She says that she knew a great guy who was an engineer, ran track and was a gymnast too. Chuck guesses that she means Bryce Larkin, his ex room-mate who Chuck think is an accountant now. She now asks Chuck if he has a girlfriend which he responds no, but he did have one a while back at Standford named Jill whom he met back in freshman year. Chuck now starts rambling on about how he met Jill and the camera pulls back showing that Chuck is now on his own; the women have left.

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Young Woman #1


Young Woman #2


Young Woman #3


Young Woman #4

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