Wikia Chuck - Pierre Melville

Pierre Melville is a French radical turned terrorist, appearing in "Chuck Versus the Balcony", who is trying to recover the same nanochip as Team Bartowski.

In 2011, Melville pursues CIA agent Rosenbaum for the nanochip he carries, containing information on the locations and blueprints of all CIA black sites in Europe. His men kill Rosenbaum in a wine cellar in a chateau but he had hidden the nanochip in a bottle of '86 Chateu LeFranc beforehand. Melville then withdrew as police arrived to investigate. Melville later returns to search the cellar and found the syringe the agent used to hid the nanochip with and found wine on it. Melville later caught Chuck running away with a glass of wine containing the chip and attempted to stop him. Chuck flashed and swiftly defeated Melville without spilling a drop.

General Beckman later leaked false information that Chuck and Sarah were rogue agents attempting to sell the nanochip. Melville made an exchange with Sarah at the chateau, unaware that she was slipping him a fake nanochip to track his movements, which in turn was to fool Alexei Volkoff that Sarah was going rogue. Subsequently, Melville ambushes Chuck to get his money back but is once again defeated by the Intersect and left tied up for the authorities.

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