Chuck and Sarah enter the New Constellation Yacht Club, as seen in "Chuck Versus the Crown Vic"

The New Constellation Yacht Club is a social clubhouse located in the Marina Del Rey. It is a prominent mission location during "Chuck Versus the Crown Vic".

Relevance to PlotEdit

Team Bartowski are sent to the club on a mission to find out more about billionaire Lon Kirk's alleged money laundering operations. Chuck and Sarah enter as a couple, and sit down to play roulette with Kirk. Chuck is staked with $100,000 by the government, and loses it all betting black. Lon Kirk also expresses a romantic interest in Sarah, which is later exploited to find out further information on his yacht; the Floating Hope.

Chuck flashes on a man named Rashan Chen, who he discovers is attempting to use the event to launder money through Lon Kirk's illegal operations.

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