Michael Tucker

Big Mike
Big Mike as Assistant Manager

Seasons:1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Portrayed by:Mark Christopher Lawrence
Status: Alive
Occupation:Buy More Store Manager (seasons 1-2),
Buy More Assistant Manager (seasons 3-5)
Aliases:Big Mike (nickname)
Relatives: Gladice Tucker (ex-wife, seasons 1-2)
Bolonia Grimes (wife, season 5)
Morgan Grimes (stepson, season 5)
Al Powell (cousin)
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Residence:Los Angeles
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Michael "Big Mike" Tucker is a main character and was the store manager of the Burbank Buy More, now an assistant manager. He is portrayed by Mark Christopher Lawrence.

Biography Edit

Michael was the store manager of the Burbank Buy More throughout the series until Season Four, where he becomes assistant manager.

For the first two seasons he prefers to work, and especially deal with his subordinates, as little as possible. However, Big Mike is also frequently and closely involved with Morgan, Jeff and Lester in the store's plots, such as when the employees raid the Beverly Hills Buy More. When briefly deposed by Emmett as store manager, the other employees show a strong sense of continued loyalty to him.

He is an avid fisherman and frequently takes breaks during work to go fishing. He is demoted to a Green Shirt after Morgan and the other Buy More employees are tricked into making Emmett Milbarge look good in the eyes of Buy More corporate, but returns to being manager at the start of Season Three with a new, innovative view on how to manage the company and life, constantly referring to his inspirational financial school, El Guando.

Big Mike played college football as a linebacker, forming the "Defense of Death" with friend and teammate Jimmy Butterman (Jerome Bettis), and has inadvertently defeated two Fulcrum agents in season two, Leader and Ned Rhyerson.

He also has an affair with Harry Tang's wife. Later, after Big Mike's wife divorces him, he begins dating Morgan's mother, Bolonia Grimes. Since then, he has taken Morgan under his wing as his de facto stepson and mentors his professional development.

For a brief period in 1988, Big Mike was a member of Earth, Wind and Fire, naming himself as "Rain." Although he failed at his own musical dream, his experiences led Lester to accept him as Jeffster!'s new manager. "Chuck Versus the Ring: Part 2" reveals that Big Mike is on a first-name basis with Buy More's founder, Moses. When Moses informs him that the Burbank branch is on the verge of closing, Mike holds a "going out of business" sale, courtesy of Lester's brilliant scheme. By the end of the episode, the store has been evacuated by Jeff. When Jeff and Lester suggest burning down the Buy More to collect the insurance, Big Mike wishes them good riddance, citing Lester's singing as torture and their antics such as answering phones that aren't ringing.

He returns again in Season Four with the other original Buy More staff and is given assistant manager.

In "Chuck Versus the Muuurder", Big Mike uses the BM costume (which is the Buy More logo, not to be confused with his nickname). He was then kidnapped and held in a Large Mart cage. This was done due to Jeff and Lester previously kidnapping their mascot, Kevin Bacon. At the end of the episode, the pig was returned to Morgan just as Big Mike returned. Large Mart then lights up the BM costume on their door step anyway even though they have already found Kevin Bacon for them.

In the season five episode "Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit", it is revealed that Big Mike is now married to Bolonia Grimes.

Development Edit

Since the pilot episode, Big Mike is seen only as a typical boss at a mall, serving as a man who would angrily handle his staff for either not doing the job properly, or not doing the job as much as possible. Mike would even host competitions among his staff, lying to them that they would receive extraordinary prizes such as a new iPhone, and that whoever loses in having the most sales, would be fired - also another lie.

As of the later half of Season Two, Big Mike has shown to be more understanding and respecting of his employees. This change of his character may have been the cause of Big Mike meeting his new love and Morgan's mother, Bolonia Grimes. He was always seen as strict, angry, and selfish through the series until meeting her.

Throughout Season Three, Mike even goes as far as to offer himself as the manager for Jeffster!, although quits when Jeff and Lester have caused him a deep amount of trouble in the season three finale. It is assumed that he still is no longer the manager for Jeffster! throughout the fourth season.

In the beginning of Season Four, Big Mike has been given the assistant manager position, with Morgan serving as the new store manager. Mike had been trying to propose to Bolonia, and had asked Morgan's permission for his hand in marriage with her. By Season Five they are married.

Trivia Edit

  • Chuck's mother is portrayed by Linda Hamilton, and both Mark Christopher Lawrence and Hamilton have played in Terminator 2. Mark was cast as a guard at a hospital for the criminally insane, where Sarah Connor was being held at.
  • Over the course of the series Big Mike has unintentionally stopped 2 major criminals from escaping. He stopped Leader in season 2 and Hugo Panzer in season 4.
  • Despite being informed by Jeff and Lester that Chuck is a spy in the final episode of the final series, he chooses not to believe it. This makes him the only major character in the show to not know of Chuck's spy business.
  • Big Mike is often involved in the Subway promo segment of later season episodes.