Meet the Nerd Herders, Part 4
Nerd Herd Reviews: Avril Lavigne
Series Meet the Nerd Herders
Air Date Unknown
Length 1:34
Previous Meet the Nerd Herders, Part 3
Next Meet the Nerd Herders, Part 5

Meet the Nerd Herders, Part 4 is the fourth episode of Chuck spin-off series, Meet the Nerd Herders which features the Nerd Herd team creating promotional video product review for items sold at the Burbank Buy More.

Synopsis Edit

Nerd headers Anna and Lester review Avril Lavigne's new album The best dam thing, which is on sale at the Burbank Buy More.

Plot Edit

Lester introduces his self and Anna, saying that Anna is here as a last minute replacement for Jeff who had a terrible, unfortunate incident involving forty plastic spoons and racer scooter which Lester calls "not a very good moment" but which Anna says was Awesome.

Lester carries on telling us hat their here today to review the latest release from chart topping, pop sensation Avril Lavigne. Anna describes Avril as "The one who sings about Skater boys over really catchy riffs which make you want to cut your self". Lester says he actually finds her hot with her long hair, eyeliner and the way she smells (whilst looking at Anna).Anna says Avril looks like the undead if the undead was trying really hard to powt.

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