Meet the Nerd Herders, Part 1
Nerd Herd Reviews: Heroes DVD
Series Meet the Nerd Herders
Air Date Unknown
Length 1:48
Previous You are at the first episode
Next Meet the Nerd Herders, Part 2

Meet the Nerd Herders, Part 1 is the first episode of Chuck spin-off series, Meet the Nerd Herders which features the Nerd Herd team creating promotional video product review for items sold at the Burbank Buy More.

Synopsis Edit

Nerd Herd staff members Lester and Anna review and talk about the new Heroes first season DVD box sets saying what they each like about it.

Anna then asks Lester, "If you could be any of the heroes which would you be?" and "If he could only choose between two super powers, Invisibility or the cheerleader's power to feel, which would you choose?".

Links Edit

Nerd Heard, part 1 on Youtube

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