Meadow's Branch

Meadow Branch is an American suburban cul-de-sac which is home to the Fulcrum research team who are working on building a an Intersect, known as the Fulcrum Intersect, for Fulcrum after Bryce Larkin thwarted their attempt to steal the CIA's / NSA's First Intersect.

Appearance in plot Edit

In "Chuck vs. the Suburbs", we find out that a group of Fulcrum agents in a gated Suburb community are testing and trying to create their own Intersect deviating from the original designs. Without the original designers, like Orion, Fulcrum was having problems. They also had problems finding someone, like Chuck, who was able to retain all the intersect information inside their head.

When Chuck accidentally gets the Fulcrum's demo intersect downloaded into his head, Fulcrum kidnaps him and they download their Intersect into his mind. He initially acts robotic-like and pretends to be under fulcrum control. However, his deception allows him to co-ordinate with Casey and protect Sarah when Casey activates the intersect. This has devastating effects for everyone in the room except for Chuck, Casey and Sarah as they had their eyes closed.

Fulcrum team Edit

  • Brad White
  • Cliff Arculin
  • Sylvia Arculin
  • Vanessa White - Vanessa (Alison Simpson) was one of the undercover Fulcrum agents who lived in the Meadow Branch suburban development. She acted as Brad's wife, though it is unclear if the two are actually married. Her fate at the end of the episode is unknown.
  • Mark Holloway
  • Vanesssa Merryman
  • Mitch Merryman
  • Dennis Berry

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