Matty and Scotty

Matt and Scotty meet Chuck

Matty and Scotty (Tony Sirico and Louis Lombardi) were two mobsters, seen in "Chuck Versus the Fake Name", who had connections with the hostile organisation, The Ring. Sarah warned Chuck that these guys weren't like normal gangsters are, calling them "old school".

There job in the episode was to hire and provide the assassin Rafe Gruber with the information and location of the target that the Ring wanted killed, the target turning out to being Daniel Shaw who the Ring knew was still alive after the events of "Chuck Versus Operation Awesome". During their meeting with Chuck who was undercover as Rafe Gruber, Matty Identified Casey as looking like "Alex Coburn" - a hot shot sniper he once served with causing Chuck to flash on the name. Casey's cover, as a bad guy, is blown and Chuck has to start torturing Casey for information on who he works for. Before this can go too far Shaw, Sarah and CIA agents raid the room. Chuck battles and defeats the team by flashing in order not to blow his cover, which ironically enhances his credibility in the eyes of the two mobsters, who are now in complete awe of him. Chuck, Casey, Matty and Scotty escape the meeting room, splitting up.

The next morning at the Buy More, Hannah mistakenly answers a call from the mobsters for Chuck, who say they will be at the store shortly. Chuck hurriedly gets back into character and meets them at the loading dock, where they smash his watch and give him a gold one as a gift to replace it, then take him to a high-rise apartment where he can gain access to his target. As they arrive, Chuck looks across to another apartment complex; a shot of over half a mile; through the sniper scope, and is stunned to learn that his target is Shaw, and that Sarah is with him.

Chuck inadvertently reveals his feelings for Sarah to Matty and Scotty, and takes advantage of their sympathies as an opportunity to "confront" his rival face-to-face, and warn Shaw that he is the Ring's target. Chuck punches Shaw and the two get into a fight to play up to the mobsters. Meanwhile, Gruber escapes custody and tracks Chuck's whereabouts. He kills both Matty and Scotty, who remained behind to "cover" him from their apartment, then makes his way across to deal with the team.


Tony Sirico and Louis Lombardi are well-known for their acting roles as mafiosi, with Sirico probably most remembered for his portrayal of New Jersey gangster Paulie Gualtieri in the critically-acclaimed HBO series The Sopranos, and Lombardi known for his recurring role as Agent Skip Lipari, also from The Sopranos.

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