The exterior of the apartment building as seen in "Chuck Versus the DeLorean"

The Maison23 apartment complex is an apartment building located in downtown Los Angeles, notable for being the residence of CIA agent Sarah Walker prior to "Chuck Versus the Role Models", when she moves in with Chuck at his apartment in Echo Park.


Maison23 is, in reality, the Hotel Amarano, located at 322 North Pass Avenue in Burbank, CA. "Chuck Versus the DeLorean"

Notable residentsEdit

Notable Visitors Edit

Sarah's ApartmentEdit

Sarah's apartment features in several plot lines throughout the series, and Bryce Larkin even stays there temporarily at one point. It is also a centerpiece in several Chuck/Sarah conversations, and features heavily in "Chuck Versus the DeLorean". This is, for example, where Sarah sends her dad out for ice-cream so that General Beckman's specially sent agents fail to arrest him. It was also briefly shown in the episode "Chuck Vs Sarah", presumably in the same room as years before, where Nicholas Quinn deceives a brainwashed Sarah into working for him.

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