Lizzie Shafai


Portrayed by:Noureen DeWulf
Status: Captured
Occupation:Fulcrum Agent
Aliases:Pita Parlour delivery girl
Relatives: Unknown
Relationships: {{{relationships}}}
Appearances: "Chuck Versus the Marlin"

Lizzie Shafai (Noureen DeWulf) was a Fulcrum agent given a cover job working as the delivery girl for the Pita Parlour restaurant near the Buy More after Tommy's arrest, monitoring the store via bugs.

She posed as delivery girl, bringing food to the Buy More whilst planting bugs in the store. Her preferred listening device was the short-range GLG-20, which required a receiver located on-site. Although she took advantage of her looks to deflect attention, Lizzie is a trained killer and quite formidable in hand-to-hand combat. She identified Chuck as the Intersect from her bugs and nearly captured him before being stopped by Sarah.

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