This is a list of characters who have appear in Chuck but who haven't contribute significantly to the plots of more than two episodes, and who are not associated with Fulcrum or any part of The Ring. This page is only initially filled out with basic information, so if you know more about theses minor characters then please submit!

Buy More Robbers Edit

See: Buy More Robber

Angry customer Edit

The Buy More customer is an attractive customer that came into the Buy More, in Webisode three, to get help from the Nerd Herd about her corrupted picture files. Both Lester and Jeff wanted to serve this customer.Lester calls dibs but Jeff enforces the Roshambo rule (think Rock, Paper, Scissors on the run); Lester cheats and gets to the woman first. Although he attempts to flirt with her, the woman is all business. Her laptop died, she said, as she was uploading “personal” photos.

Lester thinks he recognizes the woman, but she brushes him off by saying she works in the “entertainment industry.” When Lester recovers her photos, however, he realizes where he may have seen her before… When Morgan catches Lester, Jeff, and Anna (whose “expert opinion” they’ve enlisted) looking at porn, he busts them. The woman, furious, takes her laptop and leaves.

Armed guard Edit

Armed guard is a character who appeared with the Chuck Graphic Novels series.

Beach babes Edit

Beach babe (I) and Beach babe (II) are a couple of babes who spend time on the beach. They are seen in Main storyline of the Chuck Graphic Novels series.

Beach Bum Edit

Beach bum is someone who hangs around the beach with the Chuck Graphic Novels series.

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