Karl Sneijder was a villiain who appeared in Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit.

When Morgan flashes on him, he knows he is linked to some criminal organizations like the Organizatsiya and Sicilian maffia. He is the brother of Wesley Sneijder who is the primary protected witness for the CIA.

Karl is finally capture by the Verbanski Corporation.

Known Associates: Edit

  • Aaron Lomeli
  • Brandon Stacy
  • Christine Busby
  • Danielle Gatto
  • Emily Goode
  • Fred Billsby
  • Galina Bryant
  • Iabel Jameelah Shahid
  • Janet Garvey
  • Jill Shaye
  • John Naebt
  • Julianna Duarte-Marinho
  • Patrena Norwood
  • R.J.Snyder
  • Shannon Bullock
  • Tim Rose
  • Wayne Lieberman
  • Grant Yellen
  • Alex R. Felix III
  • Cindy Miguens
  • Aaron Robberson
  • Clifford Sperry
  • Paul Goldhammer

Maybe Karl Sneijder is a contact of Fulcrum because Brandon Stacy and Galina Bryant are Fulcrum's operatives.

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