Chuck Jinsana

Jinsana is an Indian woman who appears solely in "Chuck Versus the Balcony", and who was intended to be part of an arranged marriage to Lester Patel.

Lester is violently against the marriage until he meets her, whereupon he tries to impress her by pretending to be traditional, using the Home Theater Room, decorating it with traditional Hindu themed items and a Canadian flag, as Lester is Canadian. When she believed Lester was much more traditional than she was, Jinsana was about to leave when Lester apologized and told her that it wasn't the real him. She agreed to give him a second chance, finding it cute that he wanted to impress her. After coming back later in the evening, she intended to go out on a date with Lester to get to know him better. He surprised her with Jeffster! singing on stage. After the performance, she flatly told Lester that it was the most uncomfortable five minutes of her life before storming out.

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