Javier Cruz is an international assassin and the leader of The Ring's cell in Mexico. He plays a pivotal role during "Chuck Versus the Pink Slip". He is portrayed by Adoni Maropis.

He features prominently during "Chuck Versus the Pink Slip", where he first appears in the guise of a musician named 'Manny'. Having been knocked out by a kick from Chuck, he again appears inside the El Bucho restaurant, where he attempts to assassinate Gilles. His plot is foiled by Chuck, however, who fears he is going to kill Sarah, and jumps on top of her, thereby blowing the cover of the various agents present in the restaurant. Javier makes his escape, but then appears again later in the episode, where he murders Emmett Milbarge, and again when he captures Chuck and Sarah, taking them to Mexico, where they escape with the aid of Casey.

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