Jack Artman

Jack Artman (portrayed by Andrew Connolly) is an operative sent by the Ring to assassinate Premier Allejandro Goya when the latter attempted to open up free democratic elections in his country, because the Ring desired to preserve his country's isolationist stance.

His first attempt was foiled by Devon Woodcomb, who successfully treated Goya's heart failure. A second attempt also failed when Devon misread Casey; who had spotted Artman and was moving in to tackle the assassin. He made a third attempt on Goya with a poisoned cigar, which Devon again managed to thwart (using Casey's knowledge of Goya's blood type as well as Casey's blood). Artman expressed a familiarity with Casey and attempted to kill him, but Casey managed to defeat him and escape. Artman escaped as well, and kidnapped Devon at the hospital where he worked, believing him to be a spy for the CIA. Chuck's flash on Artman indicates that he was born in Connecticut, his specialty is chemical engineering and he was involved in the highly publicized poisoning of ex-KGB colonel and Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko in London. First seen in: "Chuck Versus the Angel of Death".

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