Ivan interrogating Ratner in "Chuck Versus the Cougars"

Ivan Fyodorov is a member of the Russian gang 'ORGANIZATSIYA', and is involved in interrogating Mark Ratner in "Chuck Versus the Cougars".

Involvement in PlotEdit

Ratner, along with his wife Heather Chandler, are dining at a restaurant to catch up with Sarah Walker (whom they know as 'Jenny Burton'). Chuck is posing as Sarah's date, as he previously flashed on Ratner and realised he was planning to give the plans for the American F-22 'super-bomber' to the Russian mob. Fyodorov, along with his accomplice, meets Ratner in the restaurant bathroom, after he leaves the table to freshen up. They threaten Ratner at gunpoint for the plans, but he says he will only accept if no harm comes to his wife. Chuck, meanwhile, attempts to find out information about Sarah's early life from Heather at their table. In retaliation, Sarah spills wine on his lap, forcing him to go to the bathroom to wash it off. However, when he enters, Fyodorov and his accomplice throw Ratner into a toilet cubicle, where the door slams, and threaten Chuck, asking who is and who he works for. Chuck claims that he just came to freshen up, however Fyodorov isn't convinced, and orders his accomplice to turn on the hand dryer so "no-one will hear him scream." However, at that point, Casey bursts through the door and knocks out both Fyodorov and his partner, before leaving quickly. Ratner leaves the toilet cubicle, and believes Chuck to have knocked out the two men.

Personal DetailsEdit

Chuck flashes on Fyodorov, revealing much information about him. He was born on May 4th, 1975, and is Ukranian in origin. He became part of 'ORGANIZATSIYA' when he was in his early 20s, and is believed to be connected to arms dealing, drug trafficking, prostitution and money laundering.

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