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Early intersect

The Intersect prototype refers to the Intersect that is seen in Chuck's flashback in the Season Three episode, "Chuck Versus the Ring: Part 2". This Intersect is believed to be a test Intersect that Stephen Bartowski was building to see if the whole project was viable. The fact that the images from this Intersect that we see are made up of pictures of cartoons and films further supports this as a test Intersect.

In the flashback, we see a young Chuck enter his dad's room while Stephen temporarily leaves the room. Chuck finds the test Intersect on his work desk. Chuck activates the downloading process by pressing enter, and the entire Intersect begins downloading into his head. From what we see of this Intersect, it is entirely made up of film and cartoon images. Stephen comes back into the room and is surprised to discover that Chuck has downloaded the test Intersect. It is unknown if he is is just surprised that Chuck managed to download it, or if he is surprised it was even possible to download it. It is unknown what happened to the data that was transferred to Chuck's head, but it seems likely to be still in, as no evidence has been found of a reversal processes happening. However, it is possible that the shortness of this test Intersect or perhaps the method in which it was created made the effect temporary.

Other prototypes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Intersect prototype and original Intersect computers are developed from an Apple Macintosh Classic, manufactured in 1990 by the Apple Corporation.

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