Hortencia Goya is the wife of Premier Allejandro Goya, the dictator of the Latin American country Costa Gravas who came to power in a Communist revolution. She later becomes the Secretary of State of Costa Gravas.

She tries to start a coup against her husband's democratic powers. During this, Ellie, Devon, Chuck and Sarah were at a banquet dedicated to Devon, who has previously saved the Premier's life on several occasions.

Hortencia becomes infuriated and starts a coup d'état against the democratic government and grabs hold of a former KGB missile command center, where the equipments were resupplied from Volkoff Industries. She later successfully captures her husband and makes a hostage video. He interrupts her attempt to talk during the video, later forming into an argument about their marriage.

Chuck and Sarah manage to calm the two down, where they eventually become happy with each other once again. With her change of plans, Allejandro resumes his democratic power for the state of Costa Gravas and gives Hortencia a position as Secretary of State.

Hortencia is portrayed by Tia Texada

Hortencia appears only in "Chuck Versus the Coup d'Etat".

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