Greta 4 (Summer Glau) was almost compromised by Jeff Barnes and Lester Patel in "Chuck Versus the Fear of Death", after they noticed that the string of new employees all had the name "Greta".

The CIA assassin seemingly disappears from sight and reappears unexpectedly, drawing suspicion from the two. When they begin stalking her, Greta becomes annoyed with them and complains to Morgan, requesting that he stop them from prying, and threatening to take care of them herself if he doesn't.

Morgan goes for help to Casey, who initially refuses. However, Jeff and Lester lure Greta to the storage cage and she begins threatening them with a switchblade. Casey covers with a story that Greta has been stealing from the store and customers, ending the duo's investigation.

As Greta packs up, she complains that the operation at the Buy More is too unprofessional and expresses disappointment with Casey. Casey retorts that Team Bartowski is the finest spy team he has ever served on, and-after they exchange several monosyllabic grunts-he sends her on her way. Glau's appearance is a homage to the series Firefly and its film adaption, Serenity, in which she starred with Adam Baldwin, and in dismissing her from the CIA base for being unprofessional, Casey tells her he doesn't "care what crew you've been working with", which is a hidden reference to the Firefly crew they both were members of.


Greta 4 has less tolerance for the 'quirkiness' of Buy More employees, and a greater readiness to display and employ violent skills to ensure her privacy than the other Gretas.

List of Agent Greta's
Greta 1, Richard Noble (Greta 2), Victoria Dunwoody (Greta 3), Greta 4.

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