Greta 1 refers to the first designated Agent Greta who was seen working undercover in the Burbank Buy More for the CIA. Greta 1 was seen in "Chuck Versus the Anniversary".

It was revealed in "Chuck Versus the A-Team" that the Greta program was a way for the NCS to hand pick agents for their Intersect project.

History Edit

Greta 1 (Olivia Munn) was a member of the Nerd Herd in "Chuck Versus the Anniversary", informing people that the rebuilt Buy More had not yet opened for business. She was therefore the first flashing neon sign that things at the Buy More had changed, since she was far more attractive, competent and helpful than the former staff (with the arguable exception of Chuck).

She directed Morgan Grimes and Chuck Bartowski to the manager (General Beckman) for job interviews. When Chuck reluctantly goes to the manager's office in search of a Nerd Herd position, Greta gives Morgan a classified tour of the base and acknowledges her awareness of his and Chuck's billets as operatives. After rejecting various attempts at flirting from Morgan, she sent him to Castle and left for a mission in Thailand.

List of Agent Greta's
Greta 1, Richard Noble (Greta 2), Victoria Dunwoody (Greta 3), Greta 4.

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