Future adventure is a short story which appears as part of the Graphic Novel series which features Chuck on mission in the year 2020.

Storyline Edit

The story opens with Chuck outside the SVR-Russian foreign intelligence service in Moscow on New Year's Eve, 2020, where he is telling the guards that he's from the St. Petersburg Buy More, there for a computer emergency. One of the guards ask Chuck why he's wearing a tuxedo, with Chuck replying that he's just come from a party.

Chuck takes the lift to the fourth floor alone, whilst talking to Casey, via his watch, who informs him he has five minutes to upload the virus and destroy their super computer. Chuck arrives at the fourth floor and feels around a painting for a switch, which reveals a keypad that Chuck types "22575" into. Chuck enters the super computer room, and informs Casey who tells him he's only got two minutes left, as after that all hell will break loose. Chuck asks Casey what he means by all hell breaking loose, to which Chuck says its thirty angry agents all dying to shoot, stuff and mount you on their wall as a prized buck. A gun appears aimed at Chuck's head, and it revealed that Chuck is surrounded by armed agents. Chuck tells Casey that his watch must be slow, as all hell has already broke out.

Chuck gets a phone call, that the lead bad guy orders him to answer, which is General Beckman telling him that his wife is on the phone, saying that it's urgent. Chuck's wife turns out to be Sarah who tells Chuck that he needs to get home right now as his son has got the Intersect in him and he's flashing. Chuck tells Sarah to hold on and is seen beating up the the men with guns and racing out of the room.

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