Ring Intelligence Safe

Opened safe

Evelyn's Spy Safe is a black disc-shaped device which was the objective of a long-term mission by DEA agent Carina, and was valued by General Beckman at over $10 million dollars on the black market arms trade. Team Bartowski assists Carina in acquiring it in "Chuck Versus the Three Words", from her fake fiancé Karl Stromberg's house.

The safe contained intelligence gathered by slain CIA officer Evelyn Shaw, and was described by her husband, Team Bartowski supervisor Daniel Shaw, of being their best hope at taking down the Ring. In "Chuck Versus First Class", Chuck unknowingly goes on a solo mission to stop and obtain the key to the safe which is being transported by Ring agent Hugo Panzer from LA to Paris. Chuck succeeds in retrieving it and its contents are revealed, which included Evelyn's wedding ring and her "spy will".

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