Dr. Mueller is a neural scientist hired by the Belgian gentleman, Adelbert de Smet. Mueller is tasked with cracking the Intersect from Chuck. He is portrayed by Torsten Voges.

After the Belgian had kidnapped Chuck under the impression that Chuck still has the Intersect, despite it having been removed by Mary Bartowski, Adelbert hires Mueller to attempt retrieving the secrets within the Intersect. He tempers with Chuck's mind, manipulating his dreams as he is asleep. Chuck is constantly oppressed by people in his life, telling him to flash. Mueller discovers that Chuck is very well aware that he is dreaming, and has failed to have him access the Intersect many times.

Mueller proposes to the Belgian that they are to move to Phase Three, where they would erase everything in his mind except for the Intersect. Sometime after the phase is in motion, Team Bartowski manages to discover the Belgian's hideout in Thailand and rescue Chuck, with all his memories still intact. Mueller and the Belgian were apprehended and are in CIA custody.

Appears in: "Chuck Versus Phase Three"

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