Dr. Howard Busgang

Dr. Howard Busgang born March 7, 1960 in Westport, CT, is a Department of Defense scientist who specializes in mapping the human brain's cognitive and spatial functions. He goes by the government codename of Perseus in designing the Intersect. He is portrayed by Robert Picardo.

Even without him knowing it, he is working for Fulcrum during the development of their version of the Intersect, as he was one of the original team that developed the first Intersect alongside Orion. Chuck later accidentally shot Busgang in the leg when Chuck attempted to rescue Casey and Sarah. Busgang subsequently escaped to a hospital and limps his way to his lab to grab all his money before going into hiding as Fulcrum would be looking for him.

Busgang claimed he had heard about the human Intersect, but initially never considered the possibility. He was shot and killed by his Fulcrum handler despite his protest of revealing nothing to Chuck. He professed that he did not know who he was really working for, and thought he was working legitimately for the government.

Seen solely in "Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon".

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