Decker's team refers to an anonymous group of rogue high-ranking intelligence agents led by CIA Agent Clyde Decker, and masterminded by Daniel Shaw.

The group was first mentioned at the end of the Season Five premier episode, "Chuck Versus the Zoom".

The team's sole purpose is to ensure that both Carmichael Industries and Chuck Bartowski are eliminated. After Decker was killed by Gertrude Verbanski in "Chuck Versus the HackOff", the group was overseen by CIA Agent Robin Cunnings, who was captured and confessed this conspiracy in an episode later.

It is possible that this cabal of rogue CIA agents turned against Chuck due to the earlier actions of his father, Stephen Bartowski, as a freelance spy.

Known Members Edit

Other agents:

  • Agent Robin Cunnings (arrested)
  • Agent Hawk (deceased)
  • The Viper (deceased)
  • Agent Javier (deceased)

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