Dad and Daughter

Dad and Daughter refers to the man and his daughter who come into the Burbank Buy More in order to get help from the in-store Nerd Herd team.

A panicking man comes into the Buy More in "Chuck Versus the Intersect" and up to the Nerd Herd desk to find out why his digital video camera didn't record his young daughter's ballet recital that he'd just come from. Chuck, who's on the desk, quickly figures out that the camera has no tape in it, which is news to the man who didn't think digital cameras needed tapes.

The man starts fretting about what his wife is going to say when she finds out, and Chuck and Morgan decide to help out by using the Buy More's TV screen area to record the daughter performing her Ballet moves. The daughter is nervous to start with saying that she's normally at the back because she is too tall, but Chuck reassures her that real ballet dancers are tall. She then performs her ballet moves to the camera, which now has tape in, and a cheering group gathers to watch.

This is her first impression, and a memory that comes back to Sarah when she thinks over why she is with Chuck.