Craig and Laura Turner (Fred Willard and Swoosie Kurtz) are a legendary team of married CIA agents who have been active under numerous aliases for 30 years.

Chuck and Sarah are ordered by Beckman to observe and shadow the Turners during a mission to recover a software package capable of neutralizing CIA security systems, as examples of how to work together while maintaining a relationship. Unfortunately, the Turners turn out to be a poor role model. They have divorced and remarried several times, Craig is a womanizer and Laura has developed a drinking problem, and the two frequently argue and bicker, to the point of blowing the mission. After Chuck and Sarah step in to complete the operation themselves, the Turners reveal that they have gone rogue and steal the software to sell on the black market before Chuck and Sarah remind them what it truly means to be in love. Once the mission is completed, the Turners decide to retire from the CIA. Only seen in: "Chuck Versus the Role Models"

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