Cole Barker

Cole Barker

Seasons:Season 2
Portrayed by:Jonathan Cake
Status: Alive
Occupation:MI6 Agent
Relatives: Unknown
Relationships: Sarah Walker (ex-girlfriend)
Appearances: "Chuck Versus the Beefcake"

"Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon"

Cole Barker, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, is an MI6 (SIS) agent assigned by the British government to infiltrate Fulcrum. He has previously participated in undercover missions in China, North Korea, and Russia. He is portrayed by Jonathan Cake.

While undercover as a Fulcrum agent, he stole a chip, and was in the process of recovering the reader from a Fulcrum contact when accidentally apprehended by Team Bartowski. After his true identity was revealed, he then assisted them with an effort to capture the device.

The plan was accidentally disrupted by Chuck, who took the chip in an attempt to upstage Cole, and he, Sarah, and Chuck were all captured and tortured by Fulcrum. Both Cole and Chuck claim to the be the Intersect and the latter was able to avoid interrogation and torture by accidentally knocking himself out. Next thing they know, a government team led by Casey arrive to rescue them.

Cole was settled to return to England. However in "Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon", he was intercepted en route by Fulcrum, who tortured him in an attempt to find out the identity of the Intersect and his knowledge of Perseus. Cole managed to withstand the whole ordeal and managed to fight his way through a dozen Fulcrum agents to return to Castle.

He and Chuck were then restricted to Castle on monitor duty, while Casey and Sarah infiltrated the high society party where Perseus is suppose to be. Though Chuck manages to identify Perseus, his handlers are captured by Fulcrum. Rather than call General Beckman for help, Cole suggested that he and Chuck go to rescue them. He also coached Chuck in the usage of a gun. He also took a bullet for Sarah fired from Duncan, the enemy agent who tortured him. He later took a bullet for Chuck too when he tracked down Perseus.

First seen in: Chuck Versus the Beefcake.


  • As a British spy, Barker hits most of the Bond parallels.

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