Chuck Versus the Webisodes, Part
Buy More #14: Work Ethic
Series Chuck Versus the Webisodes
Air Date November 3, 2008
Length 2:16
Previous Part 4
Next None

Webisode:Chuck Versus the Webisodes, Part 5 is the fifth and last episode in the webisode series.


Emmett's secrets for Buy More career success: show up early and keep your eyes and ears open.

Full plot Edit

(Buy More #14: Work Ethic)

After the webisode theme tune has finished, the episode opens on Emmett Milbarge and the director alone in the Burbank Buy More at six am. A yawning director asks Emmert if he always gets to the Buy More this early which the replies "Oh you know what they say about the early bird". The shot changes to Jeff waking up inside a car in the Buy More car repair shop.

The director asks Emmett what happened to his nose which has a plaster visibly running across it. Emmett claims that he got it in a bar fight, and changes the subject by sniffing the air claiming that he loves the smell of the Buy More in the morning. In the back of the shot we see Jeff stumbling out of the car he was sleeping in. Emmett caries on saying that he doesn't like the smell of the morons that work here, sometimes he claims he can just smell their residue. Whilst he says this we see Jeff stretching in the background who then walks away and its revealed that his is only wearing his boxers on his lower half.

Emmett tells the director that he had to implement a personal hygiene program for one specific, very pungent worker whose name is Jeff. He carries on saying that sometimes he thinks Jeff spent the night drunk in a portapotty. The director asks him if he's a drinker but Emmett says he doesn't touch the it since a very unfortunate wine cooler experience. Emmett says that his secrets are hard work and determination, right here at America's fourth largest electronics dealer. He says he wasn't born with a sliver spoon in his mouth, he didn't even watch the show, and that he wakes up every morning and puts his pants on one leg at a time just like everybody.

Emmett and the director turn around at the sound of something falling over, which was Jeff putting on his pants, but not seeing anything Emmett dismisses it. As Emmett turns around, Jeff gets off of the floor and says Good morning boss whilst saluting Emmett. A clearly confused Emmett asks Jeff what he's doing there which Jeff replies "well you know what they say about the early bird" before chuckling and walking off. Emmett turns round and says god he's ugly but apologizes. The director suggest they go for a drink.

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