Chuck Versus the Webisodes, Part 4
Buy More #24: Youth Marketing
Series Chuck Versus the Webisodes
Air Date October 27, 2008
Length 1:52
Previous Part 3
Next Part 5

This webisode is the fifth in the Chuck webisode spin-off series which are Buy More instruction videos featuring most of the employees of the burbank branch of Buymore shops. This webisode originally aired on October 27, 2008.


Young or old, loyal customers are created by great sales associates, like Morgan Grimes.

Full SummaryEdit

After the webisodes theme tune ends, the episode opens with Morgan being confronted by an angry kid whose just emerged from the Home Theater Room which had its blind drawn shut. The kid demands his money back from Morgan. Morgan, aware that there are cameras on him, says that he doesn't know what the kid is on about. It comes clear that Morgan had sold the kid a ticket to see a "dirty film" he was showing in the home theater room but the kid didn't like the film, not considering it to be a dirty movie.

Morgan turns around to the filming crew claiming that the whole thing is a misunderstanding but the kid claims that Morgan doesn't understand that he's getting ready to kick his ass. Morgan tries to defend the film saying what he give them was an unedited version of Showgirls that he says is a skin classic. The kid replies that why should he have to pay $5 on that crap when he could look at Morgan's mum on the internet for free. The kid says that how about Morgan gives him the $5 back before he slaps his beard off of his face.

Morgan retorts that he could do that or he could tell his little girlfriends here, the kid has a large group of friends stood behind him, about the time Morgan caught him trying to steal a Hannah Montana disk. The kid back down and Morgan mockingly ruffles his hair and says kids with the kid mockingly calling Morgan Teen wolf. Jeff and Lester who had been watching the argument walk over and Morgan asks them how much the kid gave them but Lester says to walk away and the three of them suddenly pretend to be working.

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