Chuck Versus the Webisodes, Part 2
Buy More #17: Leadership
Series Chuck Versus the Webisodes
Air Date October 13, 2008
Length 2:20
Previous Part 1
Next Part 3

Webisodes, Part 2 is the second webisode in the Chuck Versus the Webisodes internet spin off series which was first broadcast on October 13, 2008.


Even Big Mike known that sometimes a manager has to look the other way.

Full SummaryEdit

(Buy More #17: Leadership)

After the Webside theme tune finishes, the episode opens in Big Mike's office at the Burbank Buy More where Morgan sits down opposite Big Mike. As Morgan sits down, thinking he's in trouble, he asks Big Mike what he did with Big Mike replying that he bets Morgan is probably wondering why he's been called to his office. Before Mike can carry on Morgan interrupts him claiming the meeting is about a 65' plasma TV that he borrowed for the Jets' game but which he returned.

Mike says that that's not what he wanted to talk about and claims that Morgan is there for much more important business, he's talking about sex. A shocked Morgan says thanks but he's had this conversation with his PE teacher... , Mike ignores Morgan and calls Anna into the office as well.

Anna walks into the office, and Morgan and her exchange formal greetings. Big Mike says that as manager it has come to his attention that the two of them are enjoying a relationship of an intimate nature, which Morgan and Anna deny. Morgan asks Big Mike what would make him think that, and Big Mike reveals that there's a security camera in the home theater room. Anna asks if their in trouble or something but Big Mike says of course not, and that if Anna wants to give it up for this clown it's her own business, and there nothing wrong with a man and a woman enjoying each other's company in the work place, but next time they should try to keep the "heavy stuff" on the down low. Morgan and Anna agree and thank Big Mike.

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