Chuck Versus the Suburbs
Season 02, Episode 13
Air Date February 16, 2009
Writer Phil Klemmer
Director Jay Chandrasekhar
Previous "Chuck Versus the Third Dimension"
Next "Chuck Versus the Best Friend"
Sylvia: "Mr. Carmichael... I didn't expect you to come so quickly."
Chuck: "Charles Carmichael always comes quickly."
―Chuck and Sylvia Arculin chat

Chuck Versus the Suburbs is the thirteenth episode in season two, which aired on February 16, 2009. It is the twenty-sixth episode overall.

The episode was originally supposed to air after "Chuck Versus the Best Friend". The airing order was swapped in the U.S. due to the show being preempted for the Presidential speech, and since "Suburbs" has a Valentine's Day theme, it was aired on the week of Valentine's Day.

Synopsis Edit

Beckman sends Chuck, Sarah and Casey to an L.A. suburb, with Chuck and Sarah posing as a married couple.

Meanwhile, Big Mike is introduced to internet dating after the Buy More staff are sick and tired of he became more angry than usual and forced them to actually work.

Full Plot Edit

At Buy More, the Valentine's Day spirit is high but Big Mike is taking his anger out on everyone because he is getting divorced from his wife.

Casey and General Beckman provide the next mission-to go into the deep and scary suburbs to reveal a sleeper cell that left a former agent, Yeager, debilitated. Chuck and Sarah have to pose as a married couple for this mission living in the Meadow Branch suburban cul-de-sac.

Chuck drives his Saab wagon into his new driveway and enters his home to see his life in photos. There are wedding pictures, vacation pictures and he even has a dog. Sarah is in the kitchen mixing together salad and has invited the neighbors over. One of the ladies that comes over, a cougar played by Jenny McCarthy, has her eyes set on Chuck.

At Buy More, everyone tries to hook up Big Mike over the internet. After he sees some sexy ladies online, he decides to go through with it. He has to lie in order to get the good dates and they fabricate a story that Big Mike is a wealthy shipping tycoon.

In the suburbs, Chuck goes down for breakfast in his pajamas. Sarah has cooked him breakfast and has his travel coffee, and even gives him grocery list of things to get at the store. There is a message on the back of his grocery list written in invisible ink. The husband of the cougar was a former CIA agent that planted a bug in their house and also purchased specialty cabling enabling him to break into secure government websites. The mission is for Chuck to get close to the former CIA agent by pretending to want to have sex with the cougar.

The cougar brings Chuck upstairs into her bedroom and takes off all her clothes. She handcuffs him to the bed. In trying to get her to hold off on the sex, he gets her have some scotch. Chuck takes off the cuffs and finds her husband's cabling. There is a computer screen that asks for a password. Chuck figures that it must be salamander and he types it in. There is a super flash, much like an Intersect download, which leaves Chuck incapacitated.

The ex-CIA agent rushes home and asks whether his wife has tested Chuck. As they head upstairs, Chuck comes back to his senses and gets out of the house through the roof. He exposes himself to the neighborhood as he runs back home. The Fulcrum agents are shocked Chuck was able to survive the test.

General Beckman is mad that Chuck was exposed and in danger. He pulls him out so that Sarah and Casey can focus on the couple; in short, "The Carmichaels are getting a divorce". Chuck cannot make sense of the information that he received.

At Buy More, Chuck finds a Meadow Branch brochure and flashes it. He sees that the entire cul-de-sac is Fulcrum. He tries to tell Sarah but it is too late. The neighborhood has captured Sarah and Casey. Chuck gets captured back at the house.

Chuck is strapped to a chair and Sarah is in another room. The Fulcrum agents try to get Chuck to join their side and are planning to see if he can survive through some experiments. They are trying to rebuild the Intersect program and gain all the CIA secrets; apparently, they think that the government had given up on their own Intersect and have reverted to pre-existing methods to combat terrorism. All the other agents hadn't survived the experiment. Chuck tries to pleading that they let Sarah go; the agents guess that he is in love with her and mocks his delusion that they could be together.

Chuck is subjected to a super version of the test and he becomes robotic-like and apparently brainwashed, thus convincing the Fulcrum agents that their experiments have become a success. They want to experiment on Sarah. Meanwhile, Casey has escaped from his room and goes into the control room. Chuck asks to have a few words with Sarah and as she closes her eyes, Casey pulls up the same test. All the agents are in the experiment room and unprotected from the pictorial test.

The Fulcrum test incapacitates everyone in the room except for Chuck and Sarah since they had their eyes closed. Casey then supervises the capture of the catatonic Fulcrum agents.

At Buy More, Big Mike tells his internet date the truth about who he is. It turns out that the woman had lied as well and thought that he found out and that is the reason why she is at the Buy More. The Buy More is where her son works. All of a sudden, Morgan pops out. Yep, Morgan is her son, much to his embarrassment.

Guest Stars Edit

Production Edit

  • The house used for filming the interior and exterior scenes of this episode can be found at 25673 Walker Place, Newhall, CA [1].

Trivia Edit

  • Jeff uses the phrase 'Skinjob' near the beginning of the episode when he, Morgan and Lester are discussing if Big Mike has been replaced by a robot double. Skinjob is most likely a reference to the Reimagined Battlestar Galactica franchise in which the human Cylon models are referred to as 'Skinjobs' by the Colonials.
  • 'Skinjob' could also be a reference to the movie Blade Runner (1982), where the term is used when referring to androids. Although 'Replicant' is more commonly used, 'Skinjob' is heard a few times.
  • The computer used in the underground Fulcrum Intersect test facility runs Linux. Casey runs the program using the following commands:

usr/local/bin chmod +r+w-a
run ts -a
ls process
run init.fish_seq-a.*

  • Evidently the Fulcrum Intersect is a group of files under the name init.fish_seq.a
  • Interestingly enough, the command "chmod +r+w-a" is invalid since it takes read and write access from everybody. Doing so would have prevented Casey from even running the program in the first place. Unless, of course, chmod was modified from its original purpose and Casey knew beforehand to do so.
  • The way Chuck is strapped to a chair and forced to keep his eyelids open is similar to the Ludovico Technique from A Clockwork Orange.


Casey: 'Fraid you two are going to have to drop your dating cover for this particular mission.

Sarah: No problem.

Chuck: What is it? Thai street racing gang, Ukrainian prostitution?

Casey: No. No. For this mission you and Agent Walker are going to be married. [Casey shows them two rings and hands them over]

Casey: You two kids are going to the suburbs. Good luck as a normal couple.

[As Casey sets up the Intersect]

Chuck (to Sarah): Close your eyes.

Music Edit

  • Talking Heads – “Once In A Lifetime”
  • Johnny Nash – “I Can See Clearly Now”
  • Cassettes Won’t Listen – “Freeze And Explode”
  • Peggy Lee – “Fever”

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