The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the national intelligence service of the United States government, operating by charter solely abroad.

Functionality Edit

Obtaining and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations, and individuals in order to advise public policymakers happens to be the CIA's main function.

Additionally, the agency sometimes engages in propaganda and public relations efforts. It also serves as the government's paramilitary hidden hand via covert operations at the direction of the President and under oversight by Congress. This last role has caused much controversy for the CIA, raising questions about the legality, morality, effectiveness, and wisdom of such operations.

It's headquarters is in the community of Langley, Virginia, a few miles northwest from downtown Washington, D.C. along the Potomac River. The CIA has a division meant specifically for covert operations, known as the National Clandestine Service (NCS). Both the CIA and NCS are part of the U.S. Intelligence Community, led by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI).

The CIA was under the command of Director Langston Graham, who worked with superior of National Security Agency (NSA) and Director of National Intelligence herself, General Diane Beckman. It is unknown if the CIA has been assigned a newer director, but since the CIA can be run by the Director of National Intelligence as mentioned, the position is possibly held by Beckman since Graham's assassination.

In the past, the CIA created the organization The Ring. They hoped the government could take advantages with this organization by sending its agents for some black operations or illegal trades with the terrorists in the Middle East. However, the Ring turns into an illegal and autonomous organization without having connection with the CIA. The main objective of the Ring is destroy the CIA, so the Ring can become the main foreign intelligence agency in the United States. Team Bartowski helped the CIA to capture their leadership members and dissolved the criminal organization.

Known Projects Edit

Known Staff Edit

  • Benjamin L. Thompson - recruited in 1993
  • Daniel H. Holland - recruited in 1993
  • Aaron Pelman - recruited in 1993
  • Jeanne Leitenberg -recruited in 1993
  • Marc Pattavina - recruited in 1994
  • Trey Coscia - recruited in 1994
  • Jaclyn Poko - recruited in 1994
  • Chris Della Penna - recruited in 1994
  • Paul Marks - recruited in 1994
  • Aimee O'Shea - recruited in 1995
  • Scott Sener - recruited in 1995
  • Jessica Queller - recruited in 2000
  • Jeremy Maerten Guarisco - recruited in 2000
  • Dorian Valinov - recruited in 2001
  • Sarah Yang - recruited in 2002
  • Skye Allyn Stolnitz - recruited in 2002
  • Scott Bauer - recruited in 2003
  • Courtney Conwell - recruited in 2004
  • Joshua Safran - recruited in 2004
  • Julia Wolfe - recruited in 2004
  • Tim Good - recruited in 2005
  • Glenda Mitchell - CIA operative who helps Casey and Sarah to arrest the iceland mercenaries
  • Naomi Walker - CIA operative who stops Magnus to kill Chuck
  • Ben Katz - CIA operative who helps Casey and Sarah to arrest the iceland mercenaries

Stations and Headquarters Edit

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