Leaflet advertising the apartments.

The Buena Burbank Apartments are a series of apartments situated in Burbank, CA, which play a minor role in the sub-plot of "Chuck Versus the DeLorean".

Relevance to PlotEdit

Main Article: "Chuck Versus the DeLorean"

When Anna complains that she and her then-boyfriend Morgan only "hook up" at work, Morgan is at a loss as to where else they can go to be alone. Anna suggests that they buy an apartment together, which horrifies Morgan, as he claims not to be ready for such a commitment. However, upon discussing the situation with Devon Woodcomb, Devon lends him the money for his share of the apartments, on condition that he pays it back. Morgan agrees; however, when a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 appears in the Audio Install bay of the Buy More, he caves and uses the money to buy the car. Furious, Devon demands that Morgan return his money by the next day. Morgan asks to borrow the money from Chuck, which leads Chuck to realise that the $10 million deposit of the Sheik's money has been placed in his account.


  • Anna claims that the apartments consist of "really cute one bedrooms".
  • Devon lends Morgan $2500 towards the downpayment on the apartment.

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