obviously, every soul visiting this page is obsessed about Chuck. And although all hope for a sixth season has been lost, hope for a movie was gleaming brightly like time's square. There has been an official website for a Chuck movie; but it is pretty clandestine and no one really knows it. My wiki is about raising awareness to that Chuck website.

Chuck is my everything. I as a person have re watched Chuck seven times so far and cried every time as if i am watching it for the first time. I'm so over attached that I'm writing a book! You can check that out soon too. A Chuck movie is just what we need. Although it won't be that much of an everlasting joy; but two hours of the best show ever in a movie seems so good and tempting! So please. I implore you. Visit this link. Tell your fellow Chuckster friends to visit it. Give it publicity. reach 10000 and you'll see the sweet result. See, i've spent minutes that i could be loading Chuck in writing this so you can do what i did. Share this link in other Chuck websites, pages, etc.... Lets reap what we sowed in years!

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