Uncle Bernie (Ken Davitian) is a very old friend of Jill's father. His code name is Carnivore. He appeared in Chuck vs. the First Kill.

He is the one who first recruited Jill to Fulcrum. Jill suggested that he was the only one who would know where Chuck's captured father would be held. To draw him away from his Fulcrum protectors, Jill and Chuck pretend to be engaged and throw a party. When Bernie realizes that Chuck is working with the government, he chases them down and tries to kill him, instead suffering a heart attack while attempting to beat Chuck with a baseball bat.

When Chuck flashes on him, he knows he was born in Los Angeles, CA and Bernie was a lackluster student at public school and only attended college because of a bequest left by his great aunt. He majored in languages and surprised everyone after when he graduated with honors the ability to speak German, French, Spanish, Italian and Greek. During his time in college, he acted as a tutor for ESL students where he came in contact with Ivan Vonn. Vonn was a member of the smuggling ring dealing with contraband cigarettes. When Ominsky learned of the activity, he wanted in and he warded to make it better.

In less than three years, Ominsky displayed a real skill in moving product of any type from anywhere in the world. In 1999, he approached Fulcrum with a deal to deliver 3000 automatic weapons from Israel to the United States. He succeeded and quickly became one of Fulcrum's most valuable members.

He established Fulcrum smuggling drops in north Vietnam, south China, Singapore, Mongolia, India and Kazakhstan.

His name is perhaps a reference to his past achievement of eating a 96-ounce steak in less than an hour or likely a reference to the title character of Weekend at Bernie's. After his death, Casey, Chuck, Jill, and Sarah took him from the Roberts' house, pretending that he was still alive by moving him and speaking for him, an obvious homage to this movie.

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