Ben Lo Pan

Ben Lo Pan (James Hong) is a Triad gangster who operates his gang from the Bamboo Dragon restaurant in or around Burbank. He first appears in "Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp", where he kidnaps diplomat by the name of Lee Cho, brother to China's best spy's Mei-Ling Cho.Ben Lo Pan is disabled and is always stuck in a wheelchair.

Whilst in the kitchen of the Bamboo restaurant Chuck flashes on a waitress tattoo which identifies her as Mei-Ling Cho, a top Chinese spy. Thinking that Mei-Ling is in American on a mission, Team Bartowski decide to spy on her to find out what she is up to. They follow them to the Bamboo Dragon and Chuck flashes on Mei-Ling's pistols and assumes she is there to kill Ben Lo Pan. Sarah and Casey go in to catch her while Chuck stays in the car.

During his time in the van he sees a man, Ben Lo Pan, in a wheel chair trying to escape from the club and goes and helps him to his car. However, Chuck realises that he's a bad guy when he orders his men to put Lee in the boot of the car.


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