Armand is a henchman who functions as a sort of adviser to Alexei Volkoff. He is portrayed by Igor Jijikine.

Hired by Volkoff to protect Volkoff's love and best agent Frost, he has both Frost as well as their new agent Sarah (who is actually a double agent for the CIA) aboard The Contessa, where Volkoff is staying, mobilized to protect his Hydra Network from what he thought was a very alive Orion, who claimed to want his wife (Frost) back.

Volkoff later reaches out to Armand for help, as he had received and gotten newer messages from Orion through the Hydra network's interface. Armand suggests to him that he should test Frost's loyalty to him, to find out if she really has been in contact with Orion. His method then works when Frost was caught in the Hydra database deep inside the ship, trying to transfer the files to the CIA. However, Volkoff did not at all notice she was a double agent, and simply assumed her to be merely contacting with Orion.

Armand was later assigned to kill Casey and Ellie at Westside Medical. When he assumed that he had successfully smothered Casey, his victim was in fact playing dead, having taken off his pulse monitor, before knocking out Armand with a bonsai tree.

He appeared solely in "Chuck Versus the Push Mix".

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