Amy is a former government spy and former member of the elite CAT Squad who first appeared in Chuck in "Chuck Versus the Cat Squad".

Four years prior to the group falling apart due to suspicions of a traitor, Amy was a member of the elite government spy team known as CAT Squad, which consisted of Amy, Sarah Walker, Carina Miller and Zondra.

The CAT Squad was shown to be a very successful spy team known for taking down many enemies of the US government however they were always unable to take down Augusto Gaez, the arch nemesis of the group.

The squad started falling a part after a failed mission. They found a bug on one Zondra's boots and started to suspect that a member of the squad was a traitor. Sarah was convinced that it was Zondra when she found a transmitter in her boots. Zondra on the other hand, believes that it was Sarah who planted it there. The team split up and went their separate ways, leading Sarah to eventually be assigned to Team Bartowski.

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